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Features of Bizaar


Android Cloud Based Hosted Solution

Now with a new cloud based, hosted version, Bizaar is even easier to set up and use. You can be up and running in no time and manage all aspects of your space or market easily using android compatible devices.

3G/4G/WIFI Connectivity

3G/4G/WIFI connectivity means you can have information on the go, where and when you and your staff need it.

Competitive up-front and lifetime costs

Our low cost pricing structure is transparent and includes annual support. And, as the system is hosted, you can save even more time and money because of reduced ongoing maintenance, IT Support and equipment costs.

Easy to set up and use

Bizaar is easy to set up and highly intuitive. With most users familiar with the Android operating system, it allows your staff to concentrate on their markets, saving you not only time but also money. Bizaar allows you to update your market information simply and quickly including:

  • Creating or updating markets
  • Adding/deleting stalls
  • Amending charges
  • Amending traders

Any updates or changes to your market can be quickly saved by syncing back to the management system. And, unlike other systems there’s no need to switch on extra paid for modules – everything is available in one system.

Take a look at how easy it is to log on to Bizaar.

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Easy To Use

Android Bizaar is highly intuitive, with a clear, logical, familiar look. In fact as it uses the Android operating system, Bizaar is as easy to use as your phone.

Improved Efficiency And Safety

Having immediate access to up-to-date information allows faster and safer revenue collections as well as faster licence and insurance checks, meaning reduced admin time and cost.

Easy Administration Of Multiple Markets

Whether you operate single or multiple markets at one location, or multiple markets at multiple locations, Bizaar can handle all your market administration needs.

Multiple users

With no restriction to the number or type of users, Bizaar has the flexibility to adapt to your changing trading conditions. Each user has a unique username and password which enables better security, process control and auditing. Specific levels of user authorisation allows you to assign specific roles for managers, officers and collectors.

Full Management Control

Bizaar’s cloud-based management system allows you full control of all aspects of running your markets in line with current legislation, including the transfer of information to and from the hand held system used on location.

Variety Of Payment Methods

Cashless payment will be available soon.

Full Audit Trail

Help prevent fraud. Bizaar produces a full audit trail showing monies taken by markets or payments made by Traders between given dates. This provides a comprehensive audit trail for  your finance management  which can either be printed or in electronic format.  With unique IDs and pin numbers and full auditing features, you can be confident in the security and traceability of your market data.

Peace Of Mind

With a dedicated helpdesk, remote access and reporting tools, you can have peace of mind that any queries will be resolved quickly and efficiently.

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