Simple to setup

Bizaar is simple to set up.  Effortlessly create markets, add stalls/pitches, charges and traders in a quick and simple process.  Changes or updates to market information can be made by accessing the management system.



Easy to use

Bizaar is easy to use and highly intuitive.  Market managers, operators and officers will all appreciate the clear, logical and consistent look and feel of Bizaar.  With it’s easy to use interface new users can be up and running in no time at all, and should you get lost Bizaar’s built in help system will get you back on track.


Multiple users

There are no restrictions on the number of users.  Each user account has a unique username and pin number, this enables better security, process control and auditing.  Specific roles for market managers, officers and collectors can be created.



Management system

Bizaar’s web-based management system enables full management control of all aspects of running your market in line with current legislation, changing parameters to best suit the needs of the market at that time.  The Bizaar management system allows the transfer of information, to and from the hand held system used by officers out on the market.



Multiple markets

Whether you operate one market at one location, multiple markets at one location or multiple markets at multiple locations Bizaar can handle it.



Trader incentives

Monitor and manage unique incentives to encourage regular trader attendance.  Issue the use of incentives based on consecutive attendances, time accrued or any other means to promote trader loyalty.



Improve efficiency

Bizaar reduces administration time when compared to paper based systems, allowing users to concentrate on their markets and traders.  Having immediate access to up to date information allows for more efficient market management plus faster cash collections and faster license and insurance checks.


Low cost

Bizaar, when compared with legacy systems will return significant savings.  The cost of ownership from initial purchase to training and use is low.  Remote updating capability and dependable support all contribute to making Bizaar value for money.



Audit trail

Bizaar users can be confident in the security of their market data.

Authentication, authorisation, roles, permissions and encryption are just some of the industry standard security processes built into Bizaar.  All data changes are logged, enabling full audit capability.



Dedicated helpdesk

Should you have any concerns you have a dedicated helpdesk to hand.  With remote access, updates and application error reporting tools your concerns can be diagnosed and resolved quickly and efficiently.




Bizaar was always designed to be flexible, but it wasn’t until our customers started using the system that we realised just how flexible it turned out to be.  We have learned a lot from our customers about how Bizaar works and what it can do and we integrate this information back into our own training, documentation and support.


When we started we had three pricing tiers, we thought it was that simple, it wasn’t.  We now know that trying to categorise all of the UK’s markets into three distinct categories is close to impossible; so we dropped the tiers.  Our pricing is now based on the individual requirements of a market operator.


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